New tab

When you click , a new tab opens in Yandex Browser (the first screen). You can find all relevant information here. You can customize the appearance and content of the new tab.

  1. Tableau is a panel with widgets for the pages that you visit most often. You can set up a full or short widget list.
  2. Informers provide quick access to Yandex services (Yandex Weather, Yandex Traffic, Yandex Mail, and Yandex Plus). You can disable them.
  3. Notifications are EMERCOM alerts and information about the weather, emergencies, and other events. You can disable them.
  4. An advertising banner is an ad display that might be interesting to you. You can disable them.
  5. Yandex Browser background is a photo from the Backgrounds gallery or your computer. Videos and dynamic photo collections are also available in the Backgrounds gallery.
  6. Design is a design option suitable for your activities.

Set up the design

Now you can customize the design of a new tab. Just choose the appropriate option:

  • Classic, if you want to use the familiar Yandex Browser interface.
  • Informative, if you want to go straight to news and Zen articles.
  • Work, if you want no distractions while working. When you open a new tab, you will see only headlines in the news and Zen articles feed.
  • Minimal, if you want to see minimum information and maximum background. When you open a new tab, you will see only headlines in the news and Zen articles feed. Only the bottom row of the Tableau tiles is displayed. To see the rest of the tiles, scroll up the page.

To select a mode:

  1. In the lower-right corner of the screen, click All settings.
  2. Under Customize home screen, choose the option you need.

You can also change the Yandex Browser background and disable ads under the Tableau.

You can change the design of the Tableau and the Zen feed in the new tab:

  1. Tap  → Settings.
  2. Open Interface → Home screen.
  3. Next to Show Tableau, select the option:
    • Full, if you want to see the maximum number of tiles.
    • Compact, if you want to see the minimum number of tiles. To see the rest of the tiles, scroll up.

Informers and notifications

Informers provide quick access to Yandex Weather, Yandex Traffic, Yandex Mail, and Yandex Plus.

Yandex services send notifications about weather changes, emergencies, and other events.

To change the list of informers and notifications:

  1. Tap  → Settings.
  2. Go to Interface.
  3. Under Home screen, click Informer and notification settings.
  4. Select the notifications and informers you need.