Reader mode

Reader mode allows you to comfortably read texts and hides distracting page elements (such as ads, navigation elements and other menu panels). You can customize the appearance of Reader mode, such as the font, text size and background color.

  1. What is reader mode?
  2. Switch to Reader mode
  3. Customize reader mode
  4. Exit Reader mode

What is reader mode?

In Reader mode:

  • Only the text and its illustrations (photos, images, and videos) are displayed. Other page elements (banners, website design elements, social network buttons, etc.) are hidden.
  • Text wrapping is turned on.
  • The text automatically fits to the screen's width.

When you switch to another page or tab, you need to re-enable Reader mode.

Note. Reader mode lets you select a background color, font, and text size (this is especially useful at night).

Switch to Reader mode

Restriction. If the SmartBox doesn't contain the icon, it means that reader mode is not available for that page.
On the left side of the SmartBox, click .

Customize reader mode

In the settings panel under the SmartBox, you can change the background color, font, and text size.

As you scroll down on the page, the settings panel disappears to avoid taking up space on the screen. To see it again, go back to the top of the page.

Note. To go to fullscreen mode, press F11. To exit fullscreen mode, press F11 again.

Exit Reader mode

On the left side of the SmartBox, click Reader mode.